One size fits all instruments

The JoyKey has been designed so that it works on all brass/wind instruments.

… Spectacular Relief …

I have been using the JoyKey on the body of my Egger natural trumpet since the autumn of 2014. Bernd Schramm (Cologne) installed the JoyKey.

After observing my WDR Symphony Orchestra colleague Andrew over a long period of time, with fourteen JoyKeys on his horn, I saw and realized how much time he saved. That was the main reason for me to have the JoyKey installed on my natural trumpet. Changing crooks during rests or between movements already costs enough time.

The result has so surprised me that I have to say that I have experienced spectacular relief.

Now there is only one focus and that is playing the natural trumpet and no more having to organize “distractions.”

Having to empty water manually has stopped completely.
I needed to consciously appreciate that fact in order to release my old routine. Now I’m considering installing JoyKeys on my other trumpets. (In the meantime he has!)

Peter Mönkediek
Principal Trumpet, WDR Symphony Orchestra Cologne

automatic water key for brass instruments
automatic water key for brass instruments (horn)


I’m not sure where I saw Joykeys first. I suspect that it may have been Luke Woodhead’s stand at one of the British Horn Society Festivals. I was certainly interested as they seemed to be a fit and forget solution to getting water from inside my horn to outside. In due course I visited Luke and had him fit four at first, two to replace the standard water keys on my Paxman 23, and two in new locations.

As ever there is always a trial period with new kit, but I don’t actively remember taking a decision to stick with them. They just worked right from the start. I did feel a bit silly on occasion doing the usual crook removal and flicking having had them fitted, but it just served to emphasize how effective they were, the crooks being dry.

In due course I had another three fitted, bringing the total to seven. I’m no longer in the habit of consciously thinking about emptying my horn. It never gets to the stage where it needs it.

The only slight disadvantage is that the water now ends up on my lap, but I guess an apron would fix that . If anyone asks if they’re worth fitting, I say definitely. And there’s no discernible effect on how my horn plays either.

Stephen Williams.

automatic water key for brass instruments (horn)


… as hunting horn players, we perform in any weather. We blow on hunts, in forest services, in woods and at cemeteries, in short: wherever it is usually cold or where a freezing wind blows.

The warm air from our lungs entering the Horn causes the infamous gurgling even faster than usual in addition to we having to regularly empty the water.

Recently, in the cold wind, a pastor announced five verses of a hymn. He didn’t know that we normally couldn’t do that with our hunting horns – nor that I now could because:

with the Joykey I am able to keep playing without having to empty the water.
I’ve had a JoyKey installed on my valved Dotzauer Fürst Pless Horn by FMB in Gütersloh and of course I’m thrilled because it allows me to remain relaxed and and play seemingly endlessly.

Hunters are a conservative folk and I’m curious to see how long it will take for my fellow players to “upgrade”. I hope that they don’t have to continue to frown while negotiating the “lakes” in their instruments.

Nobody sees the water drops and they don’t bother me. The sound of the horn is unchanged and I am no longer afraid of that moment, because there’s no opportunity to empty, when the gurgling starts.

It would be best if the manufacturers would pre-install the JoyKey.

Thank you for this great invention!

~ Susanne Altemeyer, Jagdhornbläsergruppe Klötze

automatic water key for brass instruments (Fürst Pless Horn)
automatic water key for brass instruments (Fürst Pless Horn) 2
automatic water key for brass instruments (horn) Paxman


I’ve been using the JoyKey for the last 18 months on my Paxman double horn.

It’s been an amazing aid to my playing. No more constant emptying water from the tuning slides and I’m convinced the instrument plays better with the JoyKey on the lead-pipe instead of a normal water key which interrupts the air somewhat.

Playing a whole movement of a symphony without worrying about water buildup is amazing. All horn players should fit one!!!!

Tim Jones, Principal Horn of the London Symphony Orchestra

automatic water key for brass instruments (horn) Paxman


This product is an enhancement for playing.

The tuba has a large metal surface area, which is usually colder than the air moving through it. This causes a lot of condensation, i.e. a lot of water in the tuning slides.

My first experience with the JoyKey was fantastic. The John Williams Tuba Concerto, which I performed in the WDR concert series of the Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra in the Cologne Philharmonie in January of 2014, has little room or time for emptying water. I was worried … but then with the three JoyKeys installed, I was able to relax during the performance and focus fully on the music.

The JoyKeys are a must for me now, especially
when performing as a soloist.

My special recommendation.

Prof. Hans Nickel

Tubist beim WDR Sinfonie Orchester Köln
Professor an RSH Düsseldorf
und Conservatorium Maastricht

automatic water key for brass instruments and normal water key tuba
automatic water key for brass instruments trombone


I’ve had the JoyKey for 6 months now and it’s the only new addition to my instrument that made a real change in my performance.

We all try to remember to empty our spit valves before any exposed passage that we have to play. The JoyKey eliminates that worry. It allows water to flow from the horn without interfering with the tone.

For you jazz players: no water in the horn during a solo.

I recommend highly that brass players give it a try. You won’t regret it.

TS Galloway (Composer, arranger, trombone)

automatic water key for brass instruments trombone


The JoyKey works on all brass/wind instruments where water collects in the tubing. If a water key is already installed but in a different position to that needed for your JoyKey, you can leave the water key on. Check the cork periodically to make sure it is still air tight.
automatic water key for brass instruments and normal water key tuba
automatic water key for contra bassoon


… the JoyKey on a contra bassoon?


And not only on one but on many of them.


For the same reasons why you can find JoyKeys
on ALL brass instruments these days
from piccolo trumpet through
to tuba and Sussaphone.

The JoyKey works so that you can play.

The JoyKey
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JoyKey and WaterWicks
JoyKey solo
JoyKey and WaterWick standing